My services


I present my services under six categories or areas, but this is just a guide. In reality I can work with you across any or all of these areas, and even if you find something which doesn't neatly fit in here, I'll still find a way.

My coaching is delivered in confidential one to one sessions, face to face or over the internet (e.g. Skype/Facetime)

Face to face sessions take place at a variety of locations across County Dublin. Please check the FAQ or contact me for further details.

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The Starfish logo represents the six arms of my service.


I specialise in coaching and consulting for:

  • health & fitness

  • social skills

  • family matters

  • work & career

  • personal style


...and my coaching skills also enable me to address any other issues that you might have in a highly effective manner.


I call this sixth arm the 'meaning of life', although it need not be as deep as that.


It means if you can't put your finger on what's wrong, I can help you to identify those issues and drive you to a solution.

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I operate under the following principles:

  • client focus

  • action orientation

  • drive for results

  • trust

  • confidentiality

  • integrity


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It's my belief that all of us have it within us to make a change for the better.
We just need that push, helping hand, or wise and sympathetic ear to set us on our way...
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